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July 29, 2013

Between Now and Thanksgiving We Have 19 Seminars & Webinars Scheduled for You

We have prepared a whole menu of learning opportunities for you for the next several months. We have webinars and seminars to fit your style and schedule... and if you look carefully there is even a free lunch thrown in the schedule.

Social Media - Need to know about Social Media and what it can do for you. We will discuss Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

The Web - The web is getting to be more important for your business every day. What worked on the web three years ago has changed. In our webinars, we take a look at the tools and strategies like SEO, testimonials and videos to supercharge your web presence.

Security - Cyber Crime is now a 3 Trillion Dollar a year Industry. Small to medium sized businesses are coming into the crosshairs of the Cyber Crooks. We want to help you stay safe. Our Cyber Crime seminar may shock and scare you, but it will make you take action.

Business Continuity - When it comes to protecting your company's critical data and keeping your operations running, you need to know for certain – without any lingering doubts – that you could recover your files and be back up and running again fast after a natural disaster, server crash, hacker attack or other data-erasing event. This webinar will help you make sure you have the knowledge to make that plan.

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