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December 20, 2013

Bonus Christmas Video: "It Was More than Mere Fun, Miracles do Happen When We All Work as One." WestJet Employee

The Canadian airline WestJet decided to do a "Christmas Miracle" video for its 2013 annual holiday video. The goal was getting 200,000 views, if it hit the number then it would donate flights to charity. As of 12/19/2013 it had 30 Million Views.

The idea behind the video was simple, but it took 175 WestJet employees to pull the whole thing off. WestJet set up a video feed so passengers outside of boarding gates for two Nov. 21 flights to Calgary could tell Santa Claus what they wanted for Christmas.

While those two flights were in the air -- each was about four hours long -- WestJet workers scrambled to buy everything the passengers had asked for. They ran to Best Buy and a nearby mall to buy cameras, phones, socks, underwear, and even a big-screen TV. They bought Ken dolls for the women who had asked for husbands. They bought toy cars for those who had requested a new car.

In all, they wrapped 357 gifts, labeled them and sent them down the baggage carousel to unsuspecting passengers. The result? A fun, heartwarming video that might even make Ebenezer Scrooge tear up a bit.

Merry Christmas.

IN case you missed it, here is WestJet 2012 video.

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