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February 6, 2014

Google+ Can Jump Start Your Social Media Presence and Help Your Search Rankings

Move over Facebook, There's a new Sheriff in Town, and its name is Google+

The Google Universe is one of the biggest brands on the internet and includes Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Local, Google AdWords and that's just the tip of the iceberg...and now there's Google+.

So it is not surprising that Google+ as a social media platform has over 359 million users and is the second fastest growing social media platform, behind Pinterest.

Innovative features in Google+ such as Circles, Events and Hangouts let you segment and communicate directly to prospects and customers alike. It's powerful.

What may surprise you is that having a Google+ page can affect your Google search engine rankings. It does this by:

The reasons to use Google+ make a lot of sense for the small business owner:

Watch our video to learn about Google+ and why you should care.

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