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April 30, 2013

The Real Story: The Power of Social Media

I was surprised when the story about the Tweet hack came out. But, I wasn't shocked. Yes it was amazing that one tweet – a single tweet could impact the stock market. I wasn't shocked because there is no denying that social media has changed the way we communicate, interact and do business. Content on Facebook and twitter now carry as much weight as more traditional forms of communication. Fortunately, the tweet was fake - and the market quickly recovered.

Still, this whole episode should be a reminder to you that social networks have left its mark on the world. This episode makes us all realize the importance of social media channels and how they can impact your business, your career and your life. In addition to a website your social media presence is critical to your business success. We can help you design and implement a social media strategy that makes sense for your business.

We can manage Facebook for you, we can help your with Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube and consult with you on LinkedIn. Don't get caught thinking social media is the next big thing, it isn't. It is here now!

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