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By partnering with EZSolution you can provide Web and SEO services to your clients and make an ongoing commission. That's right... a new Monthly Recurring Revenue income stream.

  • Do your clients ask you to help with their websites, boost their traffic from Google, or handle other marketing services - but you're unsure who to recommend for their needs?

  • Would you like to add a new monthly, recurring revenue stream to your business without adding any additional overhead or employees?

Let EZSolution Help

Partnering with EZSolution allows you to become the solution your clients need, while adding an additional recurring revenue stream to boost your bottom line.

Our dynamic partnership will allow you to provide Web, SEO, Social Media, and Traditional Marketing services to your clients and make an ongoing commission that could easily turn into a recurring revenue stream for your business.

As crazy as it may sound, we would love to send you a check every month because of our partnership.

Here's How it Works.

EZSolution can have as little or as much contact with your clients as you like - it’s your call. You choose the option that works best for you and your business.

Option 1

“Behind the Scenes”

If project management is your area of expertise, EZSolution can stay totally in the background - your client will have no need to see us at all! You manage the entire project and handle ongoing communication with the client.

We’ll handle all the work and invoice you for the project, minus your 10%.

Option 2

“Client Hand-Off”

You hand off the client to us - you don't even need to close the deal. All we ask from you is a highly favorable endorsement.

We’ll manage the project from start to finish, billing your client and sending you a commission check for 10% of the project.

How You’ll Get Paid

As long as your client is doing business with EZSolution, we’ll send you a commission on every penny they pay.

If we’re invoicing your client, the checks will be issued the second week of the month, based on the dollars we collected from the previous month. A report will be sent, along with the check, detailing the invoices that are being covered.

If we’re invoicing you, we’ll send you an invoice for the work performed. We’ll clearly mark each project on the invoice and discount the price by 10%. (We offer Net 30 terms.)

Ready to Partner With EZSolution?

Call us at (717) 291-4689, or fill out the simple form below to tell us where to send your check. We're looking forward to our partnership with your business!

Please send the check for my monthly partnership benefit to the following address:

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